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Data for the first quarter of 2023 reflects the U.S. exhibition industry continues to move forward in reaching pre-pandemic performance levels. Read on for an in-depth look at the metrics and analysis.
CEIR Research Council Member Arjun Chakravarti shares how he and Cogknition Analytics use CEIR research to maximize his goals and objectives.
CEIR Research Council Member Toby Purdy shares how he and The Expo Group use CEIR research to maximize his goals and objectives.

By Michael Weiss, Co-Founder, Ai4 Our industry connects people. We connect people to learn from each other, to buy and sell from each other, and to have fun with like-minded peers. COVID has highlighted how many different ways this value of connection can be offered. There are two spectrums we think about: 1) From fully […]

Epistemix forecasts what to expect with COVID-19 in helping to plan your next event.
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How does the exhibitions and events industry benefit from CEIR research? Watch this video produced by CNTV on what your peers are saying.
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An insightful interview with CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM and Evolio Marketing President Joe Federbush as they discuss the research presented at HCEA Annual Meeting.
CEIR's VP of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC was featured on the Top 10 Takeaways of Season 1 of In Case Of An Event podcast, where she discussed trends uncovered from the Global Virtual Event Trends research series.