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As the pace of change quickens with every year, leadership decisions become even more fundamental to survival. This article by Brian Scott of ClearTone Consulting takes a brief view of this challenge through the lens of information technology.
A silver lining to digital events that the industry has seen is capturing valuable data on attendee engagement. Brian Scott of ClearTone Consulting shares virtual platform data insights and what that means for your organization.
Don Neal of 360LiveMedia shares his thoughts on how the exhibitions and events industry can evolve and survive in this open letter.
The word "virtual" has been taking the industry by storm but should it be used in conjunction with events? Don Neal of 360 Live Media shares his thoughts on why virtual should be dropped from the phrase "virtual events."
If you’re looking for compelling ways to engage your event audience year-round, stop spinning your wheels and try looking outside of the realm of events for inspiration.
How is AAPEX coping with COVID-19? Jessica Finnerty, CEM of the Auto Care Association shares positive indicators of their show.

By Molly Marsh, CMP A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL For many in the industry, “Experience Design” has become synonymous with big, extravagant productions, AI and tech-enabled engagement, and hyper-customized environments built for the “wow” effect. There’s certainly no arguing that walking into an indoor castle built from ice, illuminated by projected snowflakes, […]

By Jessie States A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL Crowd management is a critical function of your safety and security event planning, and it is important to study flow patterns in and around your venues to identify manageable methods to prevent over-crowding at any location. Analyze your attendee arrival times, how they […]

Can your signage beat this? Find out how you can optimize your digital signage game from this piece brought to you by MPI

By Ingrid Rip A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL Discussions about culture during the event planning process are important because you may not share the same culture as the key stakeholders you work for or the attendees for whom you design and program the event. Professionalism of the people you are […]