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The CEIR Index Report provides an objective measure of the annual performance of the exhibition industry by measuring year-over-year changes in four key metrics: NSF of exhibit space sold, professional attendance, number of exhibiting companies and total event gross revenue. It details performance for 14 industry sectors and the overall industry. This report provides data from 2002 through 2017 with a predictive forecast through 2020.

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Publish Date: 04-12-2018
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This report summarizes all aspects in the 2018 Attendee ROI study, pinpointing how the value proposition for attending varies and is the same generationally.

This 18-page report provides an analysis of attendees by generation for the following:

  • Workforce profile
  • Attendee profile by job level and job function
  • Purchasing influence
  • Decision-making process for attending
  • Importance of objectives for attending
  • Extent of pre-planning activities
  • Extent of tracking activities while at an exhibition
  • Process followed to evaluate outcome of attending
  • Metrics used to determine value/ROI of attending
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Attendee ROI/Value Scorecard – summary of the most popular metrics used, where metric users find their needs are met and where B2B exhibitions deliver the best value/ROI
  • Ranking of B2B exhibitions compared to other primary information sources relied upon for business information and purchasing decision needs
  • Average and median number of B2B exhibitions attended in the past two years
  • Anticipated volume of attendance in the next two years
  • Reasons for anticipated volume of attendance in the next two years
  • Suggestions on how to address gaps to enhance the value of attending a B2B exhibition

This report is part of a multiple fact sheet series identifying attendee practices in general as well as insights on differences by specific attendee categories.

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Publish Date: 11-13-2018
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By Barry Siskind

This 12-page report covers the following:

  • Why it is important to adjust booth engagement techniques – data on the generational workforce shift in play and topline CEIR data on unique generational workforce preferences
  • Discussion of gaps of exhibit booth engagement approaches with what attendees use
  • Exhibit booth additions, improvement plans to enhance attendee engagement
  • How to convert attendee “window shopping” into engagement via the human factor
    • Conversation opener examples
    • Discussion of the power of empathy in driving discussions with attendees
    • Questions to include in pre-show exhibit booth staff training to help maximize success of attendee engagement efforts
    • Tactics to effectively disengage with attendees and successfully identify next steps
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Publish Date: 08-27-2018
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