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This particular report, Part One, includes an overview of attendee tracking efforts engaged in by top ranked organizers of U.S. trade shows and how they build attendee retention strategies. It includes key profile characteristics of repeat attendees, who they are and why they become loyal visitors to an exhibition.

Part One is the first of a five report series based on research conducted in late fall of 2015. The report series reveals findings on why attendees become loyal visitors to a specific exhibition and what organizers do to motivate attendees to return on a regular basis. They offer readers a road map for benchmarking attendee retention strategy practices with industry norms; an understanding of commonly held characteristics of professionals who attend a given event regularly which can help guide marketing and event development. Lastly, these reports offer charts that compare repeat attendee wants and preferences to trade show offerings, which enable organizers to assess where repeat attendee needs are typically served well, and where gaps exist in offerings – suggesting potential areas of improvements to better serve their needs.

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