How B2B Exhibitions are Judged, Where It is Essential to Deliver Results

Newest CEIR Head of Marketing Insights Series Report Now Available

DALLAS, 29 July 2019 – The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced today the release of How B2B Exhibitions are Judged, Where It is Essential to Deliver Results, the fourth report in its newest series providing insights from marketing leadership at organizations in North America.

This report provides valuable data for both organizers and exhibitors looking to understand the most popular metrics exhibitors use to evaluate the performance of exhibiting and where metric users find B2B exhibitions perform best.

“Goal setting and specific outcome metrics are key to enhancing the chances for success for any exhibitor,” noted CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE. “The information in this report provides guidance to better assess how their event is most likely judged by exhibitors, and where to focus moving forward to enhance exhibitor outcomes.”

“This report provides benchmark statistics exhibitors can use to compare to their practices and refine metrics to more tightly align with their end goals for exhibiting,” said CEIR VP of Research, Nancy Drapeau, PRC. “Metrics offer useful guideposts for a number of decisions: determining whether to exhibit at a new show or continue exhibiting at an event and whether to change the level of investment in an exhibition based on metric results. Metrics also help prompt discussions on what support services or activities are merited to maximize specific exhibiting outcomes.”

This report provides results relating to:

  • Extent of use of performance metrics – overall, ROI metrics, intermediary performance metrics
  • Specific metrics used
  • For which metrics, users identify B2B exhibitions perform best
  • Extent of use of metrics – whether limited to evaluating B2B exhibitions only or used more broadly across channels
  • Ideas for organizers to consider to enhance chances for maximizing success against performance metrics
  • Ideas for exhibitors on how to use benchmark statistics

In addition to total results, differences in results are reported by:

  • Organization size, by number of employees
  • Heads of marketing by generation

The Head of Marketing Insights Series includes five reports. This is the third in the series to be released:

  • Part One: Overview of Marketing and Sales Approaches, Most Urgent Objectives, and Brand Image of the B2B Exhibition Channel to Support Needs
  • Part Two: Aligning Exhibit Sales for Success
  • Part Three: Overcoming Non-Exhibitor Objections
  • Part Four: How B2B Exhibitions Are Judged, Where It Is Essential to Deliver Results
  • Part Five: Future Plans for Use of the B2B Exhibition Channel

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