Future Planned Use of the B2B Exhibition Channel

Newest CEIR Head of Marketing Insights Series Report Now Available

DALLAS, 19 August 2019 – The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced today the release of Future Planned Use of the B2B Exhibition Channel, the fifth report in its newest series providing insights from marketing leadership at organizations in North America.

Future Planned Use of the B2B Exhibition Channel reports the anticipated change in the level of spending on B2B exhibitions this year; details how the channel will help achieve urgent marketing and sales objectives in the next several years, and whether roles will continue as is, expand or decrease; and outlines which elements marketing executives plan to add to their exhibit programs.

“The power of F2F marketing at B2B exhibitions continues in a world dominated by digital media,” noted CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE. “The reason is simple: it delivers where it counts. It helps heads of marketing achieve their organization’s most urgent marketing and sales objectives.”

“This report documents the continued commitment to the channel today and for the next several years,” added CEIR Vice President of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC. “It provides useful insights for organizers looking to ensure their offerings align with brand marketer evolving needs. For brand marketers, it offers industry benchmarks to compare and adjust future plans to align with overall industry trends.”

This report provides results relating to:

  • Anticipated change in marketing budget spending allocation in 2019 to B2B exhibitions as well as explanations of how funds will be spent
  • Value of using exhibitions to help achieve urgent, high-priority marketing and sales objectives
  • Planned role of B2B exhibitions to support urgent marketing and sales goals in the next several years
  • Commentary on anticipated roles
  • Elements heads of marketing plan to add to their exhibit programs in next several years
  • Perceived gaps in the B2B exhibition channel heads of marketing would like addressed to enhance the value of exhibiting

In addition to total results, differences in results are reported by:

  • Organization size, by number of employees
  • Heads of marketing by generation
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Exhibit booth size

The Head of Marketing Insights Series includes five reports. This is final report in the series to be released:

  • Part One: Overview of Marketing and Sales Approaches, Most Urgent Objectives, and Brand Image of the B2B Exhibition Channel to Support Needs
  • Part Two: Aligning Exhibit Sales for Success
  • Part Three: Overcoming Non-Exhibitor Objections
  • Part Four: How B2B Exhibitions Are Judged, Where It Is Essential to Deliver Results
  • Part Five: Future Plans for Use of the B2B Exhibition Channel

CEIR extends special thanks to the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) for funding this important research.

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