CEIR Releases Sixth Report in Attendee ROI Playbook Series

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced today the release of the sixth report in the Attendee ROI Playbook series entitled, Gender Differences and Similarities.

“This document takes a deep dive look at how gender influences what men and women strive to achieve at B2B exhibitions, how they navigate an event and what they value most,” said CEIR Senior Research Director, Nancy Drapeau, PRC.”

Attendee ROI Playbook Report 6

“There are a number of nuanced differences for organizers and exhibitors to pay attention to, and one ‘aha’ for me is the importance of learning for women,” said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE. “We know B2B exhibitions are a valued resource for both men and women to get the training they need for career success. Though this research speaks to unique needs for women, that learning is important at a higher rate regardless of their age.

“Career-stages are apt to vary for women over the course of their lives,” Breden continued. “For younger women, learning is important to help advance their fledging careers. For some women reentering the workforce after their children reach a certain age, it is a setting to jump start careers. A special shout out of thanks to the PCMA Education Foundation, whose financial support helped make this research possible.”

This 21-page report provides an analysis of attendees by gender for the following:

  • Generationally
  • Attendee job level and job function
  • Workforce profile
  • Motherhood and impact on labor force participation rates
  • Purchasing influence
  • Decision-making process for attending
  • Importance of objectives for attending
  • Extent of pre-planning activities
  • Extent of tracking activities while at an exhibition
  • Process followed to evaluate outcome of attending
  • Metrics used to determine value/ROI of attending
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Attendee ROI/Value Scorecard – summary of the most popular metrics used, where metric users find their needs are met and where B2B exhibitions deliver the best value/ROI
  • Ranking of B2B exhibitions compared to other primary information sources relied upon for business information and purchasing decision needs
  • Average number of B2B exhibitions attended in the past two years
  • Anticipated volume of attendance in the next two years
  • Reasons for anticipated volume of attendance in the next two years

Through the generous sponsorship of this study by the PCMA Education Foundation and IAEE, all reports released in this study series are available at no charge on the CEIR website here.

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