CEIR Omnichannel Marketing Insights Report 4 – Now Available

CEIR has released the fourth report in the Omnichannel Marketing Insights Series onWho to Target for Attendee Acquisition.

What makes this report so compelling?

It looks forward, provides insights to help you shape an attendee acquisition approach that aligns with professionals that have plans to attend through 2022.

It documents prospective attendee involvement in the decision to attend and the demographic profile of those coming back. Spoiler alert, attendee audiences are high quality, they are who exhibitors are looking to engage with face-to-face. Exhibit sales staffers, take heed.

Shaping stories to resonate with prospective attendees is challenging. This report provides you with the four primary target personas that motivate professionals to attend an event. With these insights, you can build messaging and content that will resonate with each typical attendee.

Don’t wait! Download this short report here.