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How to Grow Attendance

This report series offers a resource for staff responsible for attendee marketing for North American business-to-business (B2B) exhibitions. It provides benchmarks on common practices throughout a marketing campaign cycle, including planning, tactics used to reach and communicate with target audiences, and methods used to evaluate outcomes. It documents the state of attendee marketing practices and pinpoints elements of approaches that are found among organizations successful in increasing attendance. In addition to benchmarks, each report offers insights from marketing professionals and their commentary from the marketing trenches.

Report One: Planning and Goal Setting that Positions Efforts for Success

Report One documents the most popular approaches used by organizers for attendee marketing and pinpoints characteristics where attendee growth is achieved.

Report Two: Marketing Channel Mix and Other Tactics that Drive Growth

Report Two focuses on what to use to build a marketing campaign that drives attendee growth, and provides an exhaustive inventory of marketing channel tactics and other activities that can be used over the course of an attendee marketing campaign.

Report Three: Messaging that Resonates and Delivers

Report Three focuses on the heart of any marketing campaign, the messaging that drives attendance.

Report Four: Plans on Where to Improve Approach in Near-term Future

Report Four uncovers attendee marketer commitment to improve existing approaches and evolve with fast-changing marketing norms.