Le CEIR s'associe à Swapcard pour rechercher le jumelage d'événements avant et pendant la pandémie

DALLAS, 20 October 2020 – Le Centre de Recherche sur l’Industrie des Expositions (CEIR) has joined with Carte d'échange, a leading AI-powered engagement and matchmaking platform for premium events, to publish Matchmaking avant et pendant la COVID-19 : comment les organisateurs d'expositions B2B nord-américaines utilisent la technologie pour connecter les personnes et les produits, which examines how exhibition organizers can effectively approach attendee matchmaking in the virtual and hybrid event formats that have become predominant in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attendee matchmaking is more important than ever today. It was important prior to the pandemic to help assure attendees and exhibitors maximize their face-to-face (F2F) engagement at physical trade shows. Today, where most in-person events are paused and instead are happening virtually, meaningful F2F engagement is a major challenge. This study provides an understanding of attendee matchmaking pre-COVID, as well as what organizers were looking for at the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“This study offers very useful insights to use attendee matchmaking in a way that maximizes the outcomes for their participants, both exhibitors and attendees,” said CEIR Vice President of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC. “Inevitably, this will only strengthen the value of exhibiting and thus enhance retention.”

CEIR is a longstanding provider of objective research aiming to support the needs of stakeholders in the B2B exhibition industry. COVID-19 is forcing stakeholders to evolve and innovate at a rapid pace in the quest to survive this health crisis. This joint initiative with Swapcard aims to provide insights that help organizers evolve their events and provide offerings to keep pace with the fast-changing business environment.

“CEIR’s foremost interest is helping stakeholders through this historic crisis,” said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM. “We are privileged that CEIR was chosen to do this research, in recognition of its reputation for providing reliable, objective insights that are representative of the industry.”

Cliquez ici Télécharger Matchmaking avant et pendant la COVID-19 : comment les organisateurs d'expositions B2B nord-américaines utilisent la technologie pour connecter les personnes et les produits. A second white paper will be released in early 2021 that provides an update of how trends and uses have evolved.

À propos du CEIR
Le Centre de recherche sur l'industrie des expositions (CEIR) sert à faire progresser la croissance, la notoriété et la valeur des expositions et autres événements marketing en face à face en produisant et en fournissant des outils de recherche basés sur les connaissances qui permettent aux organisations parties prenantes d'améliorer leur capacité à répondre aux besoins actuels et besoins émergents des clients, améliorer leurs performances commerciales et renforcer leur position concurrentielle. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.ceir.org.

About Swapcard
Founded in 2013, Swapcard is the leading AI-powered event and matchmaking platform that runs successful in-person, virtual and hybrid events. AI is used to boost matchmaking, connecting users with the most relevant people based on their profiles, and to create custom event journeys. Swapcard was recently awarded Best Virtual & Hybrid Event Engagement & Connectivity Platform 2020 at the Software and Technology Awards. To learn more, visit swapcard.com.


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