Le CEIR publie une mise à jour sur la façon dont le dollar exposé est dépensé

BREAKING NEWS: CEIR Releases Update of How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent Report
Includes Total Direct Spending Estimate in Dollars

CEIR SM22.14 How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent CoverPALM HARBOR, Fla., 5 December 2014 – Today, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) President & CEO Brian Casey, CEM announced the release of Comment le dollar d'exposition est dépensé, a popular report last updated in 2012. This announcement was made at a keynote address at ACCESS 2014, the annual conference for the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA), the sponsor of this study.

This research provides a breakdown of how exhibitors allocate spending by the following categories: exhibit space, exhibit design, show services, shipping, exhibit staff training, travel and entertainment, pre-show promotions, on-site promotional materials, off show floor promotions, on-site sponsorship and advertising, and lead management and measurement. Additionally, the total forecasted exhibitor direct spending estimate for 2014 is provided in nominal dollars.

“The data in this report is a hotly sought-after resource tool for exhibitors who need an understanding of whether their spending allocations are balanced with general exhibitor spending practices,” said Casey. “It also provides an important planning tool for organizers and suppliers alike, to determine what portion of the budget they capture, as well as an estimate of how much spending that means dollar-wise.”

EDPA Executive Director Jeff Provost remarked, “CEIR is the go-to resource for exhibition industry research. EDPA and its six member companies are pleased to provide the funding to make this research possible. This report offers both exhibitions and events industry professionals, as well as chief executive officers and chief marketing officers, a solid depiction of how the exhibit dollar is spent and the unique value exhibitions hold in the marketing space.”

Online survey results are based on a study conducted by CEIR this fall, polling a sampling of exhibitors from lists provided by Freeman, GES and Shepard Exposition Services. A total of 641 exhibitors responded. The direct spending estimate has been updated using CEIR’s Predict Model, based on actual metrics for the first three quarters of 2014.

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