CEIR Index Event Performer Analyzer Offers Exhibition Organizers Metrics for their Events as Compared to Overall Industry and Sector Results

Le Centre de recherche sur l'industrie des expositions (CEIR) offers its CEIR Index Event Performance Analyzer (IEPA), designed to provide organizers a benchmark for how their exhibition is performing against the CEIR Index metrics: Net Square Feet (NSF), Number of Exhibitors, Professional Attendance and Revenue. The IEPA also compares the exhibition versus the overall performance of the industry sector and the exhibition industry overall.

“This latest performance measuring tool allows exhibition organizers to hone in on how their events are measuring against the CEIR Index as well as other shows in their sector,” said CEIR President and CEO Brian Casey, CEM. “By using the analyzer, in tandem with other resources available from CEIR, organizers can pinpoint where their events are either underperforming or over performing and then use CEIR research to help improve their events’ performance.”

The IEPA provides 12 figures addressing various aspects of the exhibition’s performance including:

  • Exhibition’s share by metric
  • CEIR Index for the exhibition, year-over-year percent change
  • CEIR Index for the exhibition
  • Exhibition’s performance versus the performance of the industry sector
  • Exhibition’s performance versus the overall performance of the industry’s sector
  • Exhibition’s NSF versus the sector’s NSF overall
  • Exhibition’s number of exhibitors versus the sector’s number of exhibitors overall
  • Exhibition’s attendance versus the sector’s attendance overall
  • Exhibition’s revenue versus the sector’s revenue overall
  • Year on Year % change:
    • Exhibition’s NSF versus sector’s NSF
    • Exhibition’s number of exhibitors versus sector’s number of exhibitors
    • Exhibition’s number of attendees versus sector’s number of attendees
    • Exhibition’s revenue versus sector’s revenue overall

The IEPA will also provide insights for the past 10 years. For best results, users should enter data for the four most recent years in which your events were held as a minimum.  Individual event information will not be shared by using the analyzer and CEIR will hold all information in strict confidence. Information will only be released in aggregate to be used for future Indice et Recensement reports. The reports gleaned from this tool will offer analytical insights for any show organizer as they develop their future event strategies. The analyzer is available at no cost to those who have purchased the Rapport sur l'indice CEIR.

CEIR appreciates the support of the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) for its support in making this tool possible.

À propos du CEIR
CEIR provides industry-leading research on the North American exhibitions and events industry globally which optimizes performance, increases engagement and addresses emerging customer needs. For additional information, visit www.ceir.org.


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