Le CEIR prédit les principaux points à retenir

Le CEIR prédit les principaux points à retenir

Découvrez l’événement CEIR Predict 2021 et récapitulons les principaux points à retenir.

And that’s a wrap. Another CEIR Predict is behind us. We challenged our speakers to focus on preparing our industry’s leaders for the diverse scenarios we face today and may face in the future. The result was an arsenal of insights. 

We’re taking a page from the Open Source community and making all the critical lessons from this year’s CEIR Predict available to everyone.  

This year’s top predictions:

  • Economic recovery looks bright, and the current situation is not like the financial crisis of 2008. There is some economic slowing toward the end of this year and an uptick starting in early 2022.
  • During the pandemic, people bought goods, but not experiences. Expect this to shift back to the previous pattern – with consumers spending more on services and less on goods. 
  • Downward falling cases and higher vaccination rates will be the main factor moving forward for recovery.

Gems overheard at this year’s CEIR Predict:

“It’s not that the younger generation has no attention span; they just have no tolerance for irrelevant content.” “We are in the business of trust. How do we scale trust?” Brian Fanzo, Futurist.

People are our most valuable resource. View staff as your work family – and focus on their needs and expectations.” Anzio Williams, SVP Diversity, Equity and InclusionNBCUniversal

“I see some leaders rise in times of crisis and others fail. Leaders have to live in three periods – past, present, and future.” Jennifer Hesterman, VP Education Services, Watermark Risk Management

Join us starting next week as we’ll be hosting deep dives on each Predict session – including the latest reflections from the speakers after the event.  Deep-dive content sessions to include: 


  • Dr. Patricia Buckley, Managing Director for Economics, Deloitte Services, LP
  • Future Mindset: Brands Embracing Digital Transformation and the Future of Events with Brian Fanzo, Digital Futurist
  • Dr. Sam Potolicchio, President | Preparing Global Leaders Forum

Thought Leader Panels: 

  • Focus on Economy
  • Focus on Industry Disruptors
  • Focus on Marketing & Digital Transformation
  • Focus on Emerging Models & Staying Relevant

CEIR Research:

  • CEIR Index Updates 
  • CEIR Omni Channel Marketing Study Findings 

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View the short recap we created of this future forward conference:

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