Top 10 des rapports CEIR de 2020

Quels rapports du CEIR figurent dans le top 10 de 2020 ? Avez-vous téléchargé ces rapports ? Lisez pour découvrir les réponses!

For CEIR, 2020 was the year that proved that our industry wanted as much information and research as possible to help navigate through the effects of COVID 19. The CEIR team has compiled the top 10 reports that were released in 2020.

10. CEIR Update to the CEIR Index and Scenarios for Recovery

CEIR’s VP of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC and Economist Dr. Allen Shaw provided an update to the CEIR Index with scenarios for recovery. Additionally, attendees learned how to use the newly released Event Analyzer 2.0:

  • Understand which industry benchmark charts are available for free
  • Unlock premium content
  • Engage in an interactive discussion on how to interpret these results.
9. B2B Sponsorship Playbook Series Part Five: Who are Non-Buyers and What May Prompt Them to Buy?

Part Five profiles exhibitors who have not purchased sponsorships in the past two years. It assesses unique characteristics of this group, reasons for not investing in sponsorships and what would motivate them, if anything, to make such investments in the future.

8. B2B Sponsorship Playbook Series Part Four: Future Outlook for Sponsorship Sales and Purchases

Part Four assesses the future outlook for sponsorships. From the organizer perspective, the report looks at the anticipated outlook for sales in 2020 and for sponsorship buyers, likelihood to purchase sponsorships in the next two years and anticipated level of spending on sponsorships in 2020. This report also compares organizer and sponsor perceptions of gaps in sponsorship offerings and areas where sponsorships, if made available, would enhance sponsor success.

7. COVID-19:  Impact on US Economy and B2B Exhibition Industry

Four months into the COVID-19 Pandemic, the US and global economies are in a recession. Because of lock-downs and travel bans, the B2B exhibitions industry shut down in mid-March. Since then, phased openings and social distancing have created a climate of extreme uncertainty for organizers struggling to produce events. The US economic impact through May 2020, from exhibitions not being held, was estimated at $1.8 billion.

This webinar provided an economic update, key indicators to follow and possible scenarios for recovery of the economy and B2B exhibitions industry.

6. Booth Location and Other Factors to Consider to Maximize Exhibit Success by Richard Stone, CEO, ACT Inc. / EXPOCAD®

This report offers a holistic overview of factors exhibitors should consider when deciding which booth location is apt to work best for them to help them achieve their end goals for exhibiting.

5. B2B Sponsorship Playbook Series Part Three: Evaluating the Outcome of Sponsorship Sales and Purchases

This report compares organizer and sponsor results and pinpoints where perceptions are in alignment and where there are gaps. This comparative exercise is of particularly high value to organizers, to identify gap areas meriting consideration and determining how to assure their events have a tighter alignment with sponsorship needs and expectations.

4. Decoding Trade Show Sponsorship Opportunities par Dax Callner

Based on decades of experience developing event marketing strategies, this Industry Insight Series report decodes trade show sponsorships and provides actionable guidance to help determine what to do, when to do it, and to explain to your stakeholders (critically), why you are doing it.

3. Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis Landscape

In the webinar recording and slide deck, COVID-19 has wreaked tremendous havoc on the B2B exhibition industry globally. How has this played out among organizations that run or manage B2B exhibitions? What actions are being undertaken today to mitigate ill effects of the pandemic, and which strategic initiatives are under consideration as ‘lessons learned’ on approaches to implement post COVID-19? Attendees were the first to hear what this study has uncovered. CEIR’s economist gave an update on the US economic outlook and what to expect in the coming months.

2. CEIR June Update on Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. B2B Exhibition Organizations

In the webinar recording and slide deck, attendees learned the most current insights on how COVID-19 is impacting U.S. B2B exhibition organizations based on CEIR’s June survey. The webinar discussed findings that showed how exhibition organizers are navigating these turbulent waters: which factors are considered when deciding whether to hold a physical event or whether to pivot to a virtual alternative, and real-world examples for both scenarios.

1. Matchmaking avant et pendant la COVID-19 : comment les organisateurs d'expositions B2B nord-américaines utilisent la technologie pour connecter les personnes et les produits

Attendee matchmaking is more important than ever today. It was important prior to the pandemic to help assure attendees and exhibitors maximize their face-to-face (F2F) engagement at physical trade shows. Today, where most in-person events are paused and instead are happening virtually, meaningful F2F engagement is a major challenge. This study provides an understanding of attendee matchmaking pre-COVID as well as what organizers were looking for at the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak. Thank you to Swapcard for their partnership in this study.


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