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A volunteer steering committee with representation from multiple industry sectors oversees the Foundation and will engage individuals, corporations, other foundations and industry stakeholders in a truly transformational partnership. Funds will support the Foundation’s mission as well as provide resources for current and future needs of the industry.

The Foundation is currently focusing on funding elements consistent with its core goals and mission. These include:

  • Data that quantifies the value proposition of the industry for attendees, exhibitors, host communities and show-organizers, as well as data that identifies trends to enhance overall ROI
  • Strategies to communicate the value of the industry to marketing decision makers who will in turn drive greater attendance from both attendees and exhibitors
  • An industry standard model for measuring the economic impact on host cities
  • Workforce development for the industry
  • Strategies to engage younger audiences in attending exhibitions and events
  • Research on how to deliver greater marketing value through extending the life and reach of a show by using technology and viral marketing such as social networking

A thorough industry assessment to identify needs will be conducted in 2013.

In support of its core goals, the Foundation will consider funding for programs such as:

  • Research on the value of face-to-face events vs. recognized alternative marketing mediums
  • Research on leveraging technology to increase show marketability and attendance
  • Update the relative cost to close a sale -- trade show lead vs. a sale without a trade show lead
  • Identify generational trends through research
  • Create reliable metrics to calculate economic impact of exhibitions and events
  • Develop robust online resources
  • Update the CEM program and develop other targeted level education offerings
  • Build relationships with academic institutions to increase awareness for industry careers
  • Develop strategies to leverage existing data for promotion of the industry
  • Research to provide data to public events currently only available for B2B trade shows