CEIR Insights sobre el impacto de COVID-19 en la industria de exposiciones

CEIR Insights sobre el impacto de COVID-19 en la industria de exposiciones

Hallazgos clave de una encuesta realizada por el Centro de Investigación de la Industria Expositiva (CEIR) revelan que 2020 no es una pérdida total para la industria de exposiciones entre empresas si se controla el COVID-19. CNTV La presidenta, Carrie Ferenac, tuvo una conversación individual con la vicepresidenta de investigación de CEIR, Nancy Drapeau, PRC, quien compartió ideas cruciales sobre el impacto de COVID-19 y el camino hacia la recuperación.

Carrie: I know this research was done in April hot off the presses and we owe a big shout out to IAEE y TSNN for sponsoring this research. Let’s start with a little bit of optimism, right? Tell us about how folks are feeling about the future and getting ready to go back to in-person events.

nancy: Well people I think have a bit of cabin fever and are just quite anxious to get back to normal and go back to face-to-face events. According to another survey, over 80% of those who’ve gone to trade shows in the past have said that. So, we’re just waiting for the pandemic to simmer down so we can get back [to business].

Carrie: I miss our events so I know that is absolutely true. Let’s dig in a little bit talking about specifically the organizing companies here for business-to-business events and how this has impacted their staff. I know your research had some specific results. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

nancy: Yes, well luckily to-date the impact is not substantial. The biggest impact is that 77 percent of show organizers have their staff working remotely and there’s a hiring freeze. You wouldn’t be surprised about that, but only 10 percent of organizers have imposed pay cuts to date. So, organizers are basically doing all they can to keep their staff in place so that’s good news.

For the complete conversation, watch the video below.

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CEIR recently held a webinar that delves further into the survey findings. You can watch the webinar recording y download the slide deck. These resources are complimentary to all industry professionals.

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