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Vision: To be the recognized research thought leader of the exhibitions and events industry.
Mission: CEIR provides industry leading, objective research on the exhibitions and events industry. 

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) Foundation Board of Directors. 

The information contained in this application is designed to provide you with an accurate representation of the role that CEIR board members play. It is also intended to give you a clear understanding of the candidate selection process. If you have questions about the process or the materials to be submitted, please contact Terri Phillips at or 972.687.9213, or Cathy Breden at or 972.687.9201. 

 Included in this application you will find: 


The following responsibilities are specific to the CEIR board and are articulated for the purpose of clarifying the governing responsibilities of board members. 

  • Commit to the mission and vision of CEIR. 
  • Attend meetings of the Board of Directors – chronic absence may result in removal from the board. 
  • Contribute expertise through strategic leadership and foresight, and actively participate in discussions on the strategic direction of CEIR. 
  • Be an active user of CEIR products and participate in CEIR programs (e.g., webinars, Predict). 
  • Adhere to CEIR Antitrust, Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality, and Data Privacy guidelines. 

Qualifications & Criteria

 CEIR’s Board of Directors is one of the most diverse and influential groups within the industry. As part of its oversight responsibilities, it ensures that the monies raised are used to fund the CEIR Index and other important research opportunities. CEIR’s unique position in the industry requires special strategic leadership and forward-thinking skills to ensure the needs of the industry are served. Balanced group dynamics and diversity are important considerations for CEIR to ensure the broadest perspective. Criteria specific to the work of CEIR includes but is not limited to: 

  • Thought leader and strategic thinker with foresight capability.
  • Invested in the work of CEIR, meaning directors must be willing to put in time, effort, and financial support (individual contribution-of any amount).
  • Active user of the research CEIR produces.
  • Participates in the Predict Conference program. Assists in recruiting executive-level organizer attendees and sponsor/partners.
  • Director titles and above may be considered.
  • A set number of current IAEE directors serve on the CEIR Board. Support from employers/colleagues for the time and financial commitment required.
  • Fundraising
    • Participates in fundraising events (e.g., act as an ambassador for/at events like golf, silent auction, etc.).
    • Actively participates in fundraising (making the ask).

Travel Commitment

A maximum of three in-person meetings each year, each lasting no more than one day. Meetings are typically held in the April/May timeframe, August, and at the IAEE annual meeting in December. The December meeting requires arriving on Sunday for a meeting on Monday (4 hours in the morning or afternoon alternating per year with the IAEE Board of Directors). Conference calls will be scheduled as needed. Every effort is made to conduct email votes for items needing action outside the regular meeting times. 

Time Commitment

  • Directors are elected to three-year terms; sometimes it is necessary to fill an unexpired director’s term of one or two years. 
  • May occasionally require two (2) hours a week depending upon need and current circumstances. 
  • Responds to messages in a timely manner (polls for availability and electronic votes for example). 
  • Thoroughly review board meeting agenda and supporting material prior to each board meeting. 
  • Review minutes of board and related committee/task force meetings. 

Expense Reimbursement

Directors serve at their own expense and are expected to assume the cost of travel and lodging. Housing blocks with the best negotiated rate will be available for board meetings. 

Nominating Process Timeline

September – December 2022

At the August 2022 Board meeting, new Bylaws were approved for the foundation opening seats on the board. The Nominating Committee is enacting a schedule between September and December for new directors to be selected and onboarded.

To be considered among the next group of candidates, your completed materials must be received by CEIR by 19 October 2022 or by the deadline set through individual contact with the Nominating Committee or staff. 

The Nominating Committee: 

  • Evaluates candidate submissions
  • Interviews top candidates via phone call or Zoom/Teams.
  • Contacts selected nominees confirming their continued interest as their name will be submitted for board approval.
  • Submits the slate of nominees to the board
  • Will notify nominees upon board approval and directors-elect will be invited to attend the December 2022 board meeting as an important part of their training and orientation.

Nominee Summary Sheet

Please fill in the Nominee Summary Sheet and questions in the next section. State your name, as you would want it to appear in all official references. Include two professional references with contact information (email address and/or phone number).

    * Required Fields

    First Name*

    Last Name*







    Zip/Postal Code*


    Work Phone*

    Mobile Phone*

    If it is necessary to contact you by telephone, when is the best time to reach you and at which number?*

    What industry segment does your organization represent?*

    Association OrganizerCorporate/Independent OrganizerVendor/SupplierService ContractorSpecialty Service ContractorVenueDMOCVB/CVAOther, please specify (e.g., Consultant, M&A, Economist, Education, Research, etc.)

    If you chose "Other", please indicate below.

    If you are an Organizer, what is the size, in net square feet of exhibit space of your largest event?

    If you are an Organizer, what is the size, in net square feet of exhibit space of your smallest event?

    Does your organization produce, participate in, or provide contracted services to exhibitions outside your home country?


    If so, where?

    Have you ever served on a board of directors? If so, list the organization(s) and the position(s) held.

    List industry-related activities you have led or participated in that supports consideration of your candidacy for the CEIR Board of Directors.

    Describe how you will enrich the diversity of the Board. *

    Do you or your organization routinely use CEIR research (regular reports, Index, Census) as a business tool?


    If an organizer, have you or your organization provided event data for the Index through the Event Performance Analyzer Tool or another method?


    Have you or your organization contributed to the CEIR Foundation in support of industry research? *


    Professional References

    1)Full Name*




    2)Full Name*




    Honor Statement: I affirm that the information provided in this application, to be used in the candidate selection process, is true and verifiable. Type name/date to signify affirmation.

    Deadline for application submission is 19 October 2022 or by the deadline set through individual contact with the Nominating Committee or staff.