12-13 SEP 2024

AI Tech Demo Days

CEIR Predict AI Tech Demo Days was created for organizations and start-ups to showcase their AI-driven innovations, products, and solutions. Attendees can explore AI technologies to help transform their strategies.

What to Expect

Attendees are invited to witness the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in redefining various aspects of life and work. Discover practical strategies to excel in the age of AI innovation. Gain valuable insights by exploring successful implementations in the AI landscape through real-world case studies, which can serve as inspiration for your own journey into AI and enable you to harness its capabilities to drive business growth. This event offers participants the opportunity to connect and engage with industry peers, while delving into the diverse applications, use cases, and emerging trends in AI. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the forefront of AI’s contributions in revolutionizing technology and shaping the future.

Meet the following during CEIR Predict AI Tech Demo Days

Do you have a product or service in AI to showcase for Predict attendees?

Your AI solution may be the answer. Join Predict attendees and immerse them into the world of AI with your AI-driven innovations, products and solutions. Benefits are listed below for CEIR’s AI Tech Demo Days. Contact Karen Gonzales for more details.

Tabletop Presentations

Unveil the remarkable potential of AI technology through captivating pitches, live demos, and interactive experiences. Captivate your audience, draw in curiosity, and foster a learning environment!


Participants are presented with the chance to interact and delve into the intricacies of AI, discovering how leveraging your products and services can benefit their organization significantly.


The deployment of AI applications can spark creativity and encourage teamwork, thereby establishing your organization as a pioneer in innovation and a leader in thought. Motivate others and cultivate progress!