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In today’s economy, leaders must be strategic, adaptable, and able to quickly respond to changing market dynamics. Change is occurring and executives must be prepared for the evolving model of exhibitions. The Predict program is focused on peer learning and information exchange that will help industry leaders to better respond and plan for the disruptors to the traditional exhibitions model, and how to remain relevant to their audiences.

*Predict attendees are eligible for 6 clock hours towards CEM recertification.

Program Overview

The CEIR Predict story begins with a micro and macroeconomic overview of today’s economy and in layman’s language the impact the economy may have on exhibitions in the future. 

The program starts with a brief overview of the outcome of the Index, THE constant anchor and differentiator for this program.  Following this will be a panel with two leading industry sector economists for a provocative and expert discussion on the Index based on their individual market sectors.

Following will be a scientific economic discussion on the future of production related to trade and how new U.S. leaders might potentially impact the relationships between individuals, society and between markets and the states.

A discussion on trends impacting the exhibitions industry using use cases, case studies focusing on future implications as well as a discussion on current disruptors, looking forward providing opinions on how best the industry should react to trends, why it’s important and the business implications for planning. 

The program will conclude with a discussion about economic factors and business trends, addressing how executives might tie these discussions into the social aspect of a human-to-human business.  How do we create experiences that are personalized and what are those future impacts?  

September 14 | 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The afternoon sessions will focus on the micro and macro environment and its likely impact on the exhibitions and events industry with sessions on:

  • Synchronized Global Growth: A fast-paced overview of macro factors impacting the economy with Gregory Daco, Chief US Economist with Oxford Economics;
  • Geopolitical risks and their potential impact with Iain Donald, Senior Partner at Control Risks;
  • CEIR Index Overview with Allen Shaw, CEIR Economist and President of Global Economic Consulting Associates, Inc.

Day one is sponsored by PSAV

September 15 | 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Day two is packed with insightful and interactive sessions on the intersection of science and creativity; leveraging data; developing a 21st century workforce; and the popular media panel from 2016 - one year later.

Session One | The Intersection of Science and Creativity
Sponsored by Freeman

Social and physical settings engage the brain using multiple channels that include the full gamut of human senses. This session will explore how recent research from behavioral sciences and neurosciences can be used to guide strategic and creative design for events and exhibitions. The speakers will explain how new methods of sensory mapping can be applied to influence participant behavior to develop memorable experiences and inspire meaningful relationships. Event metrics and creative insights will no longer be limited to a “rear-view mirror” perspective. As we move forward and integrate data into our events, we must retain the human perspective that is still the fundamental driving force of each interactive experience.


  • Sergei Gepshtein, Scientist, Director for Adaptive Sensory Technologies, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies

  • Haluk Kulin, Senior Vice President - Strategy & Data, FreemanXP

Session Two | Actioning Insights NOW: Leveraging data to enhance the experience and deliver ROI
Sponsored by GES

The intersection of affordable event technologies and data collection has opened new opportunities and challenges to event leaders. What data to collect? How to action the information to impact the experience and returns? How to act in the moment as well as year-round to provide a customized and tailored approach? This session will explore intelligence models from leaders in retail, tourism, and entertainment and lessons for the exhibition industry. In addition, the session will outline the state of Event Intelligence today and how the model can be expected to evolve in the next 3-5 years. 

Speaker: David Saef, CTSM, EVP Strategy & MarketWorks, GES


  • Meta S. Brown, President, A4A Brown
  • Hyoun Park, Founder and CEO, Amalgam Insights

Session Three | Developing a Workforce with 21st Century Skills
Sponsored by Synchronicities

The business of events has changed drastically over the past decade. Employee retention and engagement are top leadership concerns. Organizational structures are less hierarchical, more fluid, and more collaborative than ever before. New tools and technologies are being introduced and integrated into workflow every day. Outsourcing solutions open up cost-effective channels for quickly accessing specialized talent. And in this environment, the most important skill your workforce can possess is the ability to learn new skills. As such, successful event organizers are rethinking how they recruit, hire, train, manage, and retain talent. This moderated discussion will give you an opportunity to hear best- and next-practices in organizational development from those who are doing it best.

Moderated by Brian Kelly, Editor & Chief Content Officer, U.S. News & World Report


  • Robert Bierman, Senior Vice President, Events, CB Insights
  • Don Pazour, CEO, Access Intelligence
  • Dennis Smith, President, Messde Frankfurt North America

Session Four | Session: Politics, Pop Culture & The Press

It’s a year later, and what a challenge the last year has been! The political landscape continues to be challenging, at best. This and other issues will be explored with media executives charged with covering the events shaping the world around us.

Moderated by Robert Bierman, Senior Vice President, Events, CB Insights


  • Brian Kelly, Editor and Chief Content Officer, U.S. News & World Report

  • Daniel Lippman, Reporter - Politico; Co-Author - Politico's Playbook

  • David McCabe, Technology Reporter, Axios, Inc.


2017 Predict Co-Chairs

Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes, CEM

Vinnie Polito
VP International & mdg

2017 Predict Advisory Board

Chris Brown
Executive Vice President, Conventions & Business Operations
National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
Karen Chupka
SVP, CES & Corp. Business Strategy
Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
Jenn Heinold
Senior Vice President, Events
Access Intelligence LLC
Britton Jones
Chairman & CEO
NXT Events Media Group, LLC