Q: Who is CEIR?
CEIR is a not-for-profit association responsible for research and promotion of the entire exhibition industry.

Q: What does that mean?
CEIR was formed in 1978 to justify the value and benefits of exhibitions to marketers, exhibitors, and attendees. Specifically, CEIR encourages new participation in exhibitions (as a buyer/attendee, exhibitor, supplier, etc.) and then justify a continued participation within this industry.

Q: How will your research specifically help me?
CEIR research is designed to help the reader to dissect and analyze the sometimes-complicated world of exhibitions. CEIR’s research offers advice on planning exhibit strategies, deciding which event to attend, how much to spend, training booth staff, integrating exhibit marketing with other marketing tools, drawing in new customers and being more successful - just to name a few.

Q: I already get research from associations & magazines - how are you different?
CEIR is apolitical, so our research is always unbiased and factual in nature. It is CEIR’s mission to produce the proof that exhibitions are worthwhile - then pass the information along. The industry media are encouraged to reprint CEIR’s statistics and findings in their own publications.

Q: So, why should I subscribe to CEIR?
You get the information straight from the organization that produces the unbiased research - and have the opportunity to benefit from it at the time of production. Also, not everything is reported through the industry media - so you could be missing-out on some incredible discoveries!

Q: Do you do custom research for exhibitors?
Yes, CEIR can conduct custom research for exhibitors. CEIR uses robust survey and analytical software to produce research which can be customized to the customer’s needs. To learn more about CEIR’s custom research capabilities, contact CEIR’s Director of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC. CEIR’s custom research is confidential and proprietary to the customer, maintained in a separate database, and it is produced by CEIR and reviewed with the customer only.

Q: What determines the subject matter for CEIR creating new industry research?
The CEIR Board of Directors advises staff on important areas that face their own constituencies which then guides CEIR’s programs and activities. In addition, eight industry associations have seats on the CEIR Board of Directors. A diverse group of individuals serve on a CEIR Research Committee which reviews the study design and methodology, and the final report before it is released.

Q: Do you conduct the industry research yourself?
Yes, in many instances the research is conducted in-house by CEIR’s Director of Research. If necessary, aspects of the research may be outsourced.

Q: Is your in-house industry research credible?
Absolutely! For each CEIR project, CEIR creates a case statement which includes Background, Study Objectives, Study Design/Methodology, Deliverables, and Timeline. The Case Statement is reviewed by the CEIR Research Committee and the CEIR Board. The resulting report is reviewed by industry experts on the Research Committee. Prior to, during and after each study is conducted, the highest levels of sampling, methodology and interpretation criteria must be met.

Q: Can I distribute or reprint your research?
We always encourage our subscribers to pass-along any worthwhile information to clients, prospects, staff, etc. Although we do not allow reprinting in its entirety, you are welcome to extract data points and general information as long as you sight 'CEIR' as the source.

Q: Do you offer seminars?
Chances are you may have heard an industry speaker use CEIR's data. CEIR will conduct its own presentations at industry events and for private groups. If you are interested in having a CEIR representative speak at an event, contact Cathy Breden, CEIR’s Managing Director.

Q: What does membership consist of?
Your CEIR subscription provides immediate access to all CEIR Marketing & Research Reports, customizable PowerPoint presentations, special editorials, forecasting and newsletter mailings.

Q: Can I buy the research by itself?
Yes, however CEIR subscribers get the research at 50% off retail rates. For the cost of 5 to 10 research reports, you can subscribe and get access to ALL of CEIR's reports!

Q: How long have you been around?
CEIR was formed in 1978, originally known as the Trade Show Bureau (TSB).

Q: How can I subscribe?
Via telephone, fax, or through the mail. Click here for subscription information.

Q: How soon will I be registered?
Registering your new subscription is quick and easy. You can apply and tap into CEIR's Resource Directory within five minutes!